About Penguin3D

Penguin3D is a project made by DamenSpike Games as part of a 1-week game developer challenge. The project was fully completed within eight days and released on October 8th 2018. It has received several version upgrades since that date in order to improve the game into the future.

The game is completely free and safe to use. The game bundle for Mac OS has been signed by Apple's developer program and so is trusted by the Mac OS gatekeeper software.

This project is dedicated to you! Our loyal players throughout the years. We consider this game to be yours and continue to update it in ways that you believe are best.

How to become a Member

To become a member in Penguin3D, you must achieve the following:

- Have a good reputation for following the community values (i.e. kind to others).

- Be a regular player of the game.